The Words of Oneness


“You are a spark of Divinity in the throes of activation. The programming
for the process is deep-seated within you. And it will unfold at its own pace.”


“You stand at the threshold of a grand adventure. And the extent to which
you are able to experience the fullness of that journey is determined
by the extent to which you are able to let go of the scenarios that no
longer serve you.”


“The key to all you could become lies in your willingness to let go, and to allow
the metamorphosis, in which you are deeply enmeshed, to proceed.”


“There comes a total shift in focus to heart-centeredness. Your perception of self
and that of the world around you become intertwined. You begin to dance
with the energies of life, allowing the ebb and flow to determine
the direction.”


“As you begin to release the constraints that bind you to circumstances
you have outgrown, you will discover that the direction of choice
is found on a road you must travel alone.”



“One becomes as a leaf on the wind, embodying a willingness to be
carried with the momentum of the process, knowing unquestioningly that
one’s best interests and one’s well-being are being seen to in
every possible way.”


“In this moment, you are all you are yet to become. For “time” as you know it to
be is not a factor in what is transpiring in what you consider to be “the Now.”
All that is to happen has happened, energetically.”


“The common ground and the paths upon which you will merge, energetically,
with all aspects of self are the emotions you share at the deepest level.”


“The key to all you would accomplish in this lifetime hinges upon your
willingness to embrace all that you are, for the chance that you may come
to experience – in Oneness – all that you truly Are.”


“A vast inter-dimensional conversion in consciousness is presently
transpiring throughout Creation. As you experience these shifts, and the
energies carry you to ever-higher levels of awareness, your attunement
to the higher frequencies becomes stabilized. And the transition to an
augmented perspective is achieved.”


“Know that you are in command of your situation at all times. You are able to
choose to step back, at will, from the heat of the moment, and make the
conscious choice to shift the energy to one emanating from the place
of heart-centeredness.”


“In shifting the energy you project onto any moment or situation, you consciously
shift the outcome to one that will give you a more advantageous result. By
embodying this training, your life becomes one directed by intention rather
than the unconscious reflection of happenstance. For you do create all of it.
Know that.”


“At the accelerated levels of vibration you are now integrating into your being,
the results of your choices and responses manifest as your reality far more
quickly than what once was considered to be “normal” in your dimension.”


“Recognizing the power to create your reality is your key to turning the page
and beginning a new chapter in your own life story.”


“The tools for creating your personal reality as a masterpiece of manifested
intent are right there within the parameters of your consciousness.”


“When you relinquish the need to mastermind the labyrinth of your existence
and reach deeper to the level where you can feel rather than think, and know
rather than believe, you will have arrived at the place where you can create
a reality in which you truly move forward.”


“The ability to trust in the reality that the energy of your world has indeed shifted,
and that there is a higher perspective to be attained, heralds the turning point
toward which you strive in these times.”


“Once you have tuned-in to the higher resonance of the harmonization of your
personal will with the Will of Creation, the walls of separation will have
dematerialized and you will come to experience life as the expression of
Unity that it truly is.”


“It is in the embracing of physicality, rather than in denial of that reality,
that the path is cleared for the transcendence of all limitation.”


“You are the embodiment of a momentum that is surging toward
the completion of a timeless process. That process is the reunification
of all that you are, all that you have ever been, and all that you
are yet to be, in a simultaneous expression of Oneness.”


“As the time lag between the inception of thought and the manifestation of
reality diminishes, it becomes obvious to you that you are creating all of it.”


“Ascension is not an “event” but rather, a momentum. It is a shift in awareness,
a shift in perspective, a shift in vibration, a shift in attunement,
and a shift in conscious alignment with who one truly is.”


“Ascension is not a onetime hurdle that, once traversed, is an event relegated to the past.
It is a never-ending process. You are experiencing its effects all the time.”


“You have awakened in the middle of a never-ending dream.”


“You are not in this movie unless you choose to perceive yourself to be.
You are, in fact, watching it.”


“Your reality is a vivid representation of all that dwells, overtly as well as
dormantly, within your consciousness.”


“When, at last, there is nothing left to lose, you are ready. For only then, in the
sacred space of humility, are you able to recognize and to embrace what has
never been lost. That precious spark awaits you.”


“One is technically ascending all the time. And the reality one perceives as the
here and now is an ever-shifting personalized reflection of one’s vibrational state.”


“There are no right or wrong roads to Oneness. And there is no predictable
way of determining which of the infinite number of possible routes is the
most direct. For, each journey is unique.”


“It matters not whether you choose to follow in the footsteps of your ancestors
in your expressions of devotion, or upon a path that no one has ever walked before –
so long as your heart has led you to it.”


“The differences that divide you are the very concepts that, ultimately, you will
embrace as a unified race of beings. The momentum for the transcendence
of those differences is the hallmark of these times of transformation.”


Copyright © 2007 by Rasha. All rights reserved.