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Discover who you really are!

Available in these formats:
  • Audible Audiobook format - Listen on your phone, tablet, or computer
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  • Audio CD Boxed Set (16 CDs) - for use on your CD player
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  • Audio MP3 2-disc Set - for use on your computer
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The Audio Book of Oneness is an experiential journey
that guides you into the deep inner sanctums of
your own Sacred Essence.

As chapter by chapter, the entire book is read aloud to you in Rasha’s own voice, you can actually feel the Presence of Oneness, the Divinity harbored within you, as you listen to each life-changing passage. There is the extraordinary sense of a deep, inner awakening, kindled within you, and a timeless feeling of “coming home.”

Here in these pages… and in these recordings…
are the answers we’ve prayed for!

In 400 pages of belief-shattering Divine insight, Oneness gives you an astonishing glimpse into the Higher vision that explains exactly what’s going on within you in these extraordinary times -- and then guides you into the actual experience of it! Here in these pages is a vivid portrait of the fluid nature of the phenomenon we think of as “life.” Here are the keys that unlock the mystery of the changes that are silently shaking the fiber of our lives and our world.

Oneness reveals secrets of exactly how life works!

This book is filled with encodements -- vibrational cues that bring each profound new understanding to life. You’ll find that you begin to live this book! Your own spiritual journey becomes a vivid illustration of the life-altering principles you encounter, in theory. Those understandings become unforgettable, etched forever within your consciousness, because the concepts are supported by your own personal life experiences!

You begin to actually see how reality is manifested, vibrationally. You start to really experience your emotional responses in action, and watch as they set the stage for drawing your life experiences to you. Here, you learn to recognize the amazing signs and symptoms of the ascension process -- the shifting of your awareness to accelerating levels of reality -- and discover the real secrets of how to harness its potential!

The Audio Book of Oneness takes these teachings to another level
and prepares you to experience another octave of your own Being.

Are you ready for a timeless reunion
with your own Divine Presence?

The Audio Book of Oneness takes you by the hand
and guides you through the adventure of a lifetime!

The "Oneness" 16 CD Boxed Set
List Price: $79.95

Discounted at the Oneness Online Store!

Listen to the profound teachings of “Oneness” any time, anywhere, with any type of audio CD player. Whether you’re at home, on the move, or in the car, the 16 Audio CD set frees your hands and your mind from the physical task of reading and lets you absorb the fullness of the “Oneness” experience in a totally relaxed way.

Beautifully packaged with 4 handmade CD wallets, each holding 4 CDs,
in a sturdy, laminated slip case.

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The “Oneness” MP3 2-Disc Set
List Price: $49.95

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Also available on Amazon.

The MP3 format condenses the full 18 hours of unabridged, “Oneness” recording time into two convenient, MP3 Audio Discs. Plays in any computer and in most car audio systems. Goes with you anywhere you want to go!

Beautifully packaged in a dual-disc, swing jewel-case, the MP3 2-Disc Set offers substantial savings without sacrificing sound quality.


The “Oneness” Audible Audiobook Edition
List Price: $49.95

Discounted at Audible and Amazon!

The full 18+ hours of unabridged recording time, the “Oneness” Digital Download offers you top value in a convenient digital format. Download to any digital audio device and enjoy the experience of “Oneness” wherever you happen to be!

Listen Free with your Audible Subscription for $14.95/mth, or purchase directly for $24.95.

The Meditations of Oneness CD

The Meditations of Oneness:
A Journey to the Heart of the Divine Lover
List Price: $16.95

Discounted at the Oneness Online Store!

An experiential Journey to the very heart of the Oneness within.

Let the loving words of Oneness carry you deep into the sacred world within. This beautiful CD features exquisite passages from all-new Oneness transmissions, read by Rasha, and set to the breathtaking musical accompaniment of composer, Jim Oliver.

These powerful meditations reach out to the very heart of each of us and transport us to another octave of Being. The musical accompaniment captures that sacred essence and promotes a deep sense of inner-harmony and peace.

Here is an unforgettable audio experience that will touch
your heart again and again.

About Rasha


A modern-day Messenger, and author of the spiritual classic “Oneness”, Rasha has worked as a courier of Divine guidance for over twenty years. In 1998, she began an extraordinary dialogue with the Universal Presence, Oneness -- the Divinity we all share. Word for word, she documented the powerful revelations she received. In the process, she was taken step by step through the sacred journey to Oneness and through the life-altering changes that are shaking the foundation of today’s world.

As a spiritual teacher with a profound message, Rasha is not affiliated with any established spiritual path or religion. Her teachings are universal and focus on the personal experience of the Divinity within each of us. She has dedicated her life to addressing the world-wide spiritual awakening that is the hallmark of these times.

American by birth, Rasha now lives at the foot of the mystical mountain, Arunachala, in South India.

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